Bakula Home Stay is situated in a beautiful landscape with lush greenery away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The Homestay is situated amidst areca nut and coconut plantation, rendering a sophisticated lifestyle yet persevering to the traditional culture of the local heritage.

Here at Bakula homestay, we take pride in providing our guests with the highest quality and a friendly service so we can emulate what it’s like to be at home. We offer a host of recreational facilities. Facilities are designed to add more fun and joy to your stay with us.

Go for a jungle trek

Exploring treasures of jungles is one of the most sought after activities that will give us a good physical exercise as well as fun. You can go for a short walk through the jungle or choose to go for a longer trek visiting treasures of the forest. Trek can be as long as 5-10 kilometers. You can ask for a guide who will be of assistance during your trek.

Observe the farming

Farming activities of Malnad are quite diversified and produce a significant agriculture output. We have an Arecanut garden with various other crops such as cordomom and banana at our back yard. You can observe various farming activities such as sowing, planting, weeding, harvesting and so on depending on the season of your visit. Best part is you can be a part of such activities to have a hands on experience.

Enjoy fresh water swim

Playing with water is a relaxing and fun filled activity. We have a fresh water flow at our backyard, you can have a swim in flowing river.

Organize a get-together

Organizing a get-together among family members and friends can be a real fun. We have a party hall for any mid-scale function or event. The space also benefits from natural daylight, neutral colours and fresh air – creating a light and airy atmosphere.

Camp-fire at night

Sitting around Camp-fire at night and having a chat will surely add up to your joy. At Bakula Home Stay, you can have a Camp-fire, spend some quality time with family and friends.

Nature photography

Nature photography is an exciting activity among photography enthusiasts. The joy of capturing a winter Cobweb, mist filled trees, sun who is just blinking at the world, full moon hidden behind those trees can never be expressed in words; it has to be experienced.

Escape from the world in calmness of nature

Nature is one of the best medicine for all our boredom and work pressure. Just be away from all your gadgets, television, news paper, internet and cell phone...! That could be a real relaxing and refreshing activity you cold ever do..! Just carry a pillow, lie down beneath a tree looking at sky, observing birds that fly by and enjoying the breeze that comes by.

Bird watching

Malnad area has its special identity for birds. Just jump in to forest, you can see countless number of different birds. Sometimes even localities might find a new bird which was never before observed.

Engage in sports

Engaging in sports is an exciting activity that adds up to your joy. We have a new volleyball court and a badminton court coming up. Anytime you can grab a bat and ball to go play cricket. Apart from out-door games you can engage yourself in in-door games such as chess.

Go for a trip

Uttara Kannada district is well known for its natural treasure and unexplored natural beauty. There are countless places which you can visit and admire beauty of nature. We have listed a few such places at our In and Around section. We can arrange for transportation and other facilities on request.


Ayurveda is an ancient science for natural healing and longevity. At Bakula Home Stay you can have complete body rejuvenation with specialized ayurvedic practitioners. Our specialized packages give a complete cleansing to mind as well as body.